Allied Learning Center is a private, state approved DUI/RRP and Driver Improvement school in Chatham County located in Savannah. We offer the Alcohol, Drug Risk Reduction Program (DUI School) and the Defensive Driving Class (traffic school).

​At Allied Learning Center, we understand that sometimes people make mistakes. We are a 100% nonjudgmental program that prides ourselves on privacy and discretion. You can feel confident that your needs as a client are our #1 priority. Our location is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of main streets like Abercorn in the Hadwin Center (near Oglethorpe Mall). We also have small class sizes which allow for more individual care and focus.

We can typically accommodate last minute registrants, but need to have your registration processed by 2 hours before the scheduled class. And although the prices for the class are set by the State of Georgia and are non-negotiable, we want to make it work for you.

We need to see you at least once before the start of class. Our office hours are Thursdays 10-6, and 11-6 Fridays; or we can see you by appointment any day of the week without a problem.  Currently, DDS is allowing us to do remote registration and participation. Call for details.

Instructor through the Department of Driver Services and the Prevention Research Institute.

The Owner

Out of Allied Learning Center, Stephanie teaches Prime For Life for DUI and other drug offenders, partners with a local substance abuse prevention Coalition with Beyond The Bell Kids, and has traveled the world working in substance abuse prevention.  Stephanie’s vision for her work is help people make healthy choices around substance use through education and early intervention methods. Her approach to preventing alcohol and other drug problems is honest and direct, respecting the individual needs of each client who has to take Risk Reduction Class and Defensive Driving.

About Us

​​Call Us: 912-257-3307

​​Call Us : 912-257-3307

The School

15 E. Montgomery Crossroad, Suite D, Savannah, Ga 31406

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Stephanie Kootsikas Voyles is a certified Prevention Specialist through PCCG.  She has worked in prevention since 2008, and is a certified DUI/Risk Reduction