​​​​What are the required program fees?

  • Assessment Fee:   $100.00
  • 20-Hour Class:         $235.00
  • Book Fee:                     $25.00

                          Total $360.00

DUI Program

What is the schedule?​

Mon 7/1 & Tue 7/2


Wed 7/3   8:30a-12:30p

Sun 7/14  8:30a-5:30p,

Mon 7/15, Tue 7/16, & 

Thur 7/18  6p-10p

Sat 7/20 & Sun 7/21


Mon 7/22  6p-10p

Fri 7/26  6p-10p

Sat 7/27 & Sun 7/28


Mon 7/29, Tue 7/30, 

Wed 7/31, Thur 8/1, &

Fri 8/2  6p-10p


Sat 8/3 & Sun 8/4

8:30a-5:30p,  &

Mon 8/5  6p-10p

Fri 8/9  6p-10p,

Sat 8/10 & 8/11


Mon 8/12 & Tue 8/13

8:30a-5:30p, &

Wed 8/14  8:30a-12:30p

Sun 8/18  8:30a-5:30p,

Mon 8/19, Tue 8/20, & Thur 8/22  6p-10p

Fri 8/23  6p-10p,

Sat 8/24 & Sun 8/25


Fri 8/30  6p-10p,

Sat 8/31 & Sun 9/1


Class schedule subject

to change.

​​Call Us: 912-257-3307

15 E. Montgomery Crossroad, Suite D, Savannah, Ga 31406

DUI / Risk Reduction

class and book $260

​​Call Us : 912-257-3307

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What is the Risk Reduction program?
The Risk Reduction Program (RRP) is a 20 hour class for DUI and/or drug possession.

What is the NEEDS assessment?
The NEEDS assessment helps students understand their level of involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and how it's affecting their life. It's a self-administered survey that must be taken at our location either on the computer or as a physical copy. The assessment needs be completed no later than two hours before the end of the business day before class.

What is the class like?
The class a 20 hour class broken into five 4-hour sessions, with a maximum of two sessions per day.  We use the curriculum provided by Prime for Life which allows you to feel engaged and comfortable in sharing your thoughts, provides you with tools to help make low risk decisions, and allows you to explore new beliefs in order to bring about positive change.​
Why pick Allied Learning Center for DUI School?
We are a small school located in the Hadwin Center on Montgomery Cross Road, and the cost of the class is the same at every school in the state of Georgia. At Allied Learning Center, the care of our students is the number one priority. Our instructors are all trained in either the prevention or treatment fields--meaning they are professionals in the field and care about your well-being. Quality class instruction does matter, and we are here to provide that to you. 


ADE Needs $100